Say It With Flowers

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Because I am way too excited to unleash the photographer in me and my next photo session will have to wait until next week, I decided to use these zinnias as subjects so I can test and try the specs of my new "baby".

I took these pictures using RAW format and exported in JPEG format using the camera software. No major post processing done, except for the Popart filter (which is also incorporated in the camera and available for pictures set in JPEG format), some cropping (because of the tarpaulin and gates in the blurry backgrounds which I find not appropriate to be in the pictures) and the watermarks which I placed using Lightroom.

So here they are:

Focal length: 14mm, F/3.5

Popart filter, focal length:16mm, F/3.6
Focal length: 16mm, F/3.6

Focal length:16mm, F/3.6

Focal length:14mm, F/3.5

Focal length: 16mm, F/3.6

FYI: I am using the lens that came together with my new "baby" and is still exploring, practicing and perfecting my perspectives in taking creative shots.

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