Dicasalarin Cove: The Secret Unfolded

Dicasalarin Cove, Sitio Dicasalarin, Brgy. Zabali, Baler, Aurora

Baler has been in my travel bucket list since ages and thanks to Kris Aquino’s daily morning show for convincing me that it is really worth the visit. After many researches and blog hopping, I ended up listing the spots that I wanted to see in Baler (and Aurora) including Dicasalarin Cove. But because I was unable to find an affordable 3d2n travel package (most package costs 7,000 and above per pax) with Dicasalarin Cove in the itinerary, we embarked on a do-it-yourself trip.

Upon arrival, I arranged our tour the next day via tricycle worth 1,300 pesos/trike. As per City Ordinance, regular day tour rates costs 800 pesos via tricycle (Dicasalarin not included). One tricycle are allowed a maximum of three passengers. Regular tours plus Dicasalarin costs 1,200 pesos above.

There are actually four ways to reach Dicasalarin:
  1. Hire a private van or ride your vehicle all the way to the place.
  2. Ride a boat from Sabang Beach.
  3. Hire a tricycle that will take you to the starting point at the foot of the mountain then hire a motorcycle (single as the local puts it) that will take you to Dicasalarin.
  4. Hire a tricycle that will take you to the starting point then trek.

Can you guess which way we chose? Surprisingly, we took the road less traveled so that’s option number four.

The long and winding road

From the rolling stores where we ate breakfast, we reached the jump-off point after 15 minutes. Tricycles are not allowed to go all the way to Dicasalarin but a parking space was made available. Parking fee is ten pesos per tricycle.

First we trekked a curvy, uphill road to reach the gate where we paid the entrance. Then a curvy downhill road led us to Dicasalarin. For those who brought their cars with them, parking space is also available at the cove proper worth 100 per vehicle. We reached the cove after almost an hour (including our stopovers to rest and take pictures). If you prefer things like what we did, I suggest to begin the trip the earliest time possible because it’s not comfortable to walk under the scorching heat and if it allows, make this your sole itinerary for the day so you could maximize your time and enjoy the place.

We paid the entrance fee worth 300 pesos. Let me just tell that all bloggers and travelers said that if we pay directly at the cove, we will be charged 100 pesos each compared to paying 300 pesos at Costa Pacifica because we are not housed there; I believe this is still the case for most who have traveled to Dicasalarin and to think that most of the blogs are first-hand experiences, how could I not believe them. We discussed this matter before we headed to the cove because we really knew the rules of the game. But since we do not want to ruin our day, and the trip for that matter, we paid 300 pesos and continued the trek.

From the gate, the view was already very inviting.

According to Kuya Jeff, one of our drivers and tour guide, Dicasalarin was not really bought by the Angara's but they were the ones who improved the roads and the place. Aurora natives called Dumagats inhabit Dicasalarin.

Aside from the cove, Dicasalarin offers other amenities.

The six of us

After spending time by the beach, we went to the lighthouse (which according to my good friend DC is actually a rain gauge).

The fresh water journeys towards the sea water

On our way to the lighthouse
The view of the cove while walking towards the lighthouse

The cliff where the lighthouse stood offers the best view of the cove. A two-hundred plus (200+) staircase will guide you to reach the top. My apologies for forgetting the exact number, but swear we counted the stairs when we climbed and went down.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. ~ John Keats

The unexplored side of Dicasalarin Cove

Cliff's edge

Before leaving, we strolled around the Artist Village. Here you will find the Longhouse that houses different artworks like paintings and wood crafts of  local Baler artists.

The Longhouse

Paintings inside the Longhouse

The journey might have been tough, imagine walking for an hour to reach the cove then another hour again to go back to the starting point. Ginusto namin to di ba? But the beauty of Dicasalarin gave meaning to it. It is really a place worthy of visit. It has been proven over and over that the Philippines is one wonderful place to explore. I know I will be back here in the future.

Heading to Baler? Don't forget to include Dicasalarin Cove in your itinerary!

Keep the good times rolling!

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