HNS Goes to Liliw Resort

The town of Liliw in Laguna is well known for its affordable and quality footwear. Little did I know that this place also boasts of its cold water resort set at the foot of Mt. Banahaw (thanks to Ate Digna for suggesting this place to us). Last Saturday, June 01, we went to Liliw for our annual team building, which I think is a good way to end summer and to welcome June, the beginning of the school year and of another busy year for Health and Nutrition personnel.

From Santa Rosa, we drove to Liliw, Laguna via Calauan. Our first stop is at Liliw Resort. The resort is located at the innermost part of the town and from the entrance/parking, a downhill path will take you to the heart of the resort. Do not be bothered if you have not researched the resort's location because there are signs posted along the road; besides, you could always ask the locals for directions.

The pathway leading to the resort.

Welcome to Liliw Resort!
Day tour entrance for adults costs 50 Php. For a group of 15 adults and 2 kids, we were charged 750 Php for the entrance (children were free of charge).  For those bringing their rides with them, you will be charged 20 Php parking fee for every vehicle.
Picnic huts and cottages are available for use. The picnic huts costs 400Php but you could always haggle like in our case, we paid 300Php for the picnic hut rental because we will be staying for two hours only. If you have any inquiries, you may call Ate Maye of Liliw resort on these numbers: 09162142529 and (049) 563-1123.

a- Picnic hut. b- Cottage

The resort is a place of luscious greens with a variety of flora. The water is clear and cold (think of water stored in fridge for days) because it flows from Mt. Banahaw. There are two main pools (as I may call it) where guests can plunge, dip, splash or just stay and bum. The water from pool overflows onto the next layer creating some sort of a mini-falls. The surface is a bit stony so I would like to suggest that little children should be accompanied to avoid any unlikely event.

The first mini-falls.
The second mini-falls where we spent much of our time.

Catch our frolic moments on the next pictures.

The HNS Buddhas 
Bromance? Naaaahhh! :)

This is me with a happy crowd in the backdrop. 

L-R: Ate Digs, Ken, Doc Ter

In our random poses, that includes Ken's looking back pose. :)

Kuya Mel's crablets

L-R: Basty, Tin & Ate Myra
Jumpshots and 'Kamehame wave' poses
Health and Nutrition Section personnel of DepED Santa Rosa City

It was not my first time to visit a place like this (I have spent my 20+ years in a semi-urban and rural place) yet, I am still in awe on the beauty and wonders of God's creations. Thank you Lord for this. :)

Keep the good times rolling!

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  1. do you have any contact details of the Liliw Resort?

  2. Hi! You may contact Ate Maye of Liliw resort on these numbers: 09162142529 and (049) 563-1123. Thanks.


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