Arabela: Camello's Bakehaus and Coffee Shop

Arabela Restaurant in Liliw, Laguna

We left Liliw Resort at past twelve in the afternoon. The original plan was to head straight to Arabela for lunch but since we knew that the restaurant is still full (it opens on 11:15 in the morning and reservations are not allowed during weekends) we went to stroll and shop for shoes.

Big violet wedge display in one of the stores

Footwear stores are located on a straight street so it's easy to roam around and shop. I spent more than 1,500 bucks for my shoe haul which includes a shoe for my dad, two shoes for my mom and myself. It is best that you visit the stores first to compare which one sells at a lower price and gives bigger discounts. One observation though, for most of the stores they have a uniform discount of 10Php for every shoe but you could still try to haggle for more, who knows they might give in.

One of the more famous brand of Liliw footwear
My shoe haul (Mom's, Dad's and mine).

Our shoe shopping was cut temporarily because it's time for lunch. At 1:30 in the afternoon, we walked our way to Arabela Restaurant. As expected, there were no available seats inside the restaurant, good thing there were tables available outside and Doc Alain was able to reserve it for us. The tables occupied half of the roadside but because we cannot afford to be that picky (we are 17 in the group) we settled and enjoyed our lunch there.

Arabela restaurant is located at 503 Rizal St., Liliw, Laguna. The restaurant facade is nothing fancy; it occupies the silong of an old, ancestral house (I guess that accounts for its very low ceiling, when I say low I really mean LOW). The space inside is small, around seven tables occupy the place. Walls are in green and violet hues.

Tin-tin and the violet wall (with Vince).
That's the low ceiling I was talking about

Arabela offers variety of food like pizza, pasta, meat, fish, coffee and desserts. A single serving of pasta can be shared by two persons. Among their pasta bestseller is seafood in marinara sauce (can be red or white) which Kuya Bernie tried. We ordered three kinds of pizza and among the three, the 4 cheese was the most satisfying.

Grilled chicken in marinara sauce (200Php)
Seafood in marinara sauce (red) for 220Php
Chicken parmigiana (200Php)
a- 4 Cheese pizza, b - Deluxe pizza and c - Bacon and Cheese pizza
Angus beef T-bone and rib eye are available for 700 Php; Porter House and Tenderloin are also available for 750 Php per order. If you are on a limited budget (like us) but very eager to try their steaks, you could enjoy Beefsteak sirloin (170 Php), Rib-eye (240 Php), T-bone (260 Php) and Porter House for 290 Php per order.

T-bone (Beefsteak)
Blue marlin (200 Php)

I would not let this opportunity pass without trying their pastries, especially their cheesecake. Their strawberry and mango cheesecake was very delectable; the cream cheese was very soft and the presentation was just so mouth watering.

Oh so yummy cheesecake! This is love. <3

Indeed, Arabela is a must visit place in Liliw. Service was fast and staff were courteous and accommodating. We waited for a maximum of ten minutes to complete our orders, not bad for a group of 17. In terms of price, it was not that cheap but not that expensive either.

Group picture at Arabela

After lunch, we continued our shoe shopping; by four o' clock, we were on our way home. Indeed, it is more fun in the Philippines... and in DepED HNS.

For more info, check their Facebook page here.

See you on the next adventure. :)

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