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I have been a fan of milk tea from the day we met. Over coffee and milk tea, I would choose the latter because it's more beneficial. It's a big hit nowadays especially that people are slowly gaining consciousness on being healthy.

I have tried a couple of milk teas from different stores around the area; I came across Dakasi when it opened few months ago at SM Santa Rosa and of course being the milk tea fan, I checked it out.

Cutie-patootie star

Dakasi originated from Taiwan in the 90's. Today, they have stores established in Southeast Asia particularly in Taipei, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Indonesia, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines.

I tried one of their bestsellers on my very first visit, the Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea made from black tea which is low in sodium, fat and calorie; it is also known to reduce heart problems (read full article here). The taste resembles the popular winter melon milk tea from other stores. Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea has pearls added on it already, but you can always try combining it with another add-on if you wish to. The pearls are smaller, softer and sweeter compared to those sold in the market.

My Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea with Grass Jelly
Shaking the world from Taiwan
Top cover designed with buildings

The day after my first visit, I went back with Doc K. This time I tried the Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea, another Dakasi bestseller. I tried combining it with pudding and it was good. It tastes like a cold chocolate drink; I almost forgot that it was actually made of tea. This has been my favorite so far.

Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea uses barley tea as its primary base (read article cited above) which improves blood circulation and reduces cholesterol levels.

Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea for me and
Blueberry Milk Tea for Doc K

Dakasi offers drinks in hot and cold form. For the cold drinks, they have specialty drinks, special milk tea, matcha tea, iced tea, iced drinks, fresh tea, fruit yoghurt drinks, smoothies and Yakult + tea.

If you are new to the milk tea world, you could try their bestsellers like the two I mentioned a while ago. I have yet to try the following on my next visit:  Dakasi Okinawa Milk Tea, Halo-halo milk tea and Strawberry Au Lait.

At SM Santa Rosa branch, you can pair your favorite Dakasi drink with the Nacho Chinito snack. I also understand that they offer delivery services in some of their branches in the country. 

For more information, visit their facebook account at Dakasi Philippines or their website http://www.dakasiphil.com/.

*-----* Updates as of August 2014 *-----*

Dakasi redefined their top covers with colorful and unique designs as seen in the picture. 

And I have found a new love in Dakasi...

Best paired with coconut jelly

Been to Dakasi? Share your thoughts here.

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