Tagaytay Haven Hotel I (Ulat)

Last November 19-22, the Basic Life Support and First-Aid Training for Dep-Ed Region IV-A Personnel was conducted at Tagaytay Haven Hotel 1 located in Brgy. San Francisco, Ulat Road, Tagaytay City, Cavite.

I really have no idea as to the price of this place because I came here as a participant and the arrangements were done by other people but I could share with you some pictures I took around the place for information and promotion (but without any monetary gain, just to make things clear) in case you are looking for a place to stay in Tagaytay.

1) Accessible - though not really located along the highway, the small road from the highway isn't really too far (can be walked, in case you have no car).
2) Seven out of ten (7/10) in terms of being easy to find because you might miss the sign especially if you are driving too fast or during the night.
3) Near great destinations in Tagaytay.

The view from the highway.
The marker.
The road from the highway leading to the entrance.

The hotel staff were very welcoming and accommodating. They will attend to every inquiry their guest might have. 

All rooms were air conditioned and very cozy. It was surprising that the hotel utilized container vans as their rooms' framework. Very resourceful!

Beds, bedsheets and complementary.

Other Amenities:
1) The hotel has halls where you could conduct meetings/trainings/seminars like what we did.
2) It has a gymnasium (let me call it that way) where you could play basketball and badminton (rings, nets and badminton rackets are available for use).
3) There is a swimming pool.
4) Wi-fi is available.

FREEZING COLD swimming pool

Wooden swings and cottages.

Playground at the entrance.
The flower-a-la-windmill and the vibrant surroundings of the hotel.

Overall Impression:



Streetlights should be constructed along the road leading to the hotel because it's very dark during the night. Also, additional lights will make their guests feel safer and secure. But rest assured, this is a good choice.

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  1. Hi Venus! Thanks for the fair review of the hotel. I've just booked an overnight accommodation in Tagaytay Haven on the 10th with some friends and was looking for some blogs to set my expectation.. Happy weekend.

  2. Hi Joanne! I'm glad I was able to help you. Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy your stay at Tagaytay Haven! God bless. :)


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