People Change... Even Friends

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More often that not, I find it a pointless drama to get a bit disappointed with friends. I've lived up to the idea that if you love a person, you will try with all your might, to understand them and be reasonable about everything and anything you are going through. Not until the day I discovered that my "pointless drama" is not really pointless at all, I realized that "Hey! I am also entitled to a plight of emotions, and it is my right to get overly upset at times."

It was repeatedly heard and said that change is the only constant thing in this world. I have learned along the way that people change, but I was not oriented to deal with the fact that somewhere along the way, friends- my friends- will change, find new ones and eventually forget.

It was just disappointing when your so-called friends replace you with new ones (replace is the perfect term) while you, the pointless drama queen, is still keeping their place in your life despite meeting new people along. Then, at a snap you would realize that things were not really the same after all. 

And in these times I would wonder, are these changes for the good or bad? 

The reality: People and feelings change, and friends are not exempted from the rule. Not even them.

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