The Nissin Yakisoba Story

Department of Education
City Schools Division
City of Santa Rosa
Division Office 4th floor

Venus (moi)
Kristine (nurse)

It was a typical Monday in the office, came lunchtime wherein every body's so idle in going down and buying their food. At 1 pm, my hungry stomach prevailed so I went down with Kristine and bought food at 7-eleven. I bought a jumbo hot dog sandwich and a nissin yakisoba cup noodle.
We went up, i read the cover only from numbers 1 to 2 then started pouring the flavoring and the oil on the noodle (which is a no-no) then I poured hot water and waited for 3 minutes before eating.

After 3 minutes, I began eating my yakisoba alongside with my customized hot dog sandwich. I wondered why it tasted bland but I just thought that probably its really bland. Then, Kristine my beautiful co-worker asked me if I was eating it with soup. Of course, I replied YES!
Then she said, "Di ba walang sabaw yan." Then I got the cover then she read it and lo and behold. Number 4 instruction says- Remove the water while Number 5 says- Then add the oil.Then we just started to laugh. Well, everybody commits mistakes.

1) Always read instructions before doing anything you aren't familiar with.
2) Ask if you don't know.
3) Learn from your mistakes so it won't happen again the next time around.
4) Laugh and move on, cest la vie. :)

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