Jap Tuesday at Domo Tomo, Nuvali

Inasmuch as I love eating, I am not really into Japanese cuisine. I have nothing against Japanese, in fact, I find their food one of the healthiest (alongside Korean dishes) because of the vegetables and fishes incorporated in every meal. I think one reason why many Filipinos love Japanese food aside from the taste and preparation is the fact that they would not be missing out on their favorite staple food a.k.a rice when eating Jap.
After work, we strolled around Nuvali and ate at Domo Tomo.

Door signage (taken inside the store)

Since I am not very equipped with Japanese, I tried to search for the meaning of domo and tomo separately because there are no available translation of the phrase. Thanks to Mr. Google, I found meanings for each word.

1) Domo
 > Shortcut for domo arigato (did I spelled it correctly?)
 > Means very and can be used in many situations
 > Sometimes referred to as the brown mascot (Domo-kun) who allegedly hatched from an egg

2) Tomo
 > Wisdom
 > Knowledge

Summing up, we could conclude that Domo tomo means very knowledgeable.
Light and ceiling
Notice the flat TV on the wall.


California maki
Gyudon (Doc K's)
Gyudon (mine)
Sorry, I forgot the name of this. I beg your apologies! :(
Unlimited house (green) tea
Order, order din pag may time!
Happy me!

Doc K

Mirror magic

Tissue holder
The Verdict

a) Ambiance
The place does not set an extraordinary mood but it's cozy here. The seats and TV's mounted on the walls convey a homey feel. When we arrived there was just one group dining here so when they left, we have the restaurant all by ourselves.

b) Food
As I have reiterated in the very beginning, I am not a whiz in Jap so it would be unfair to say fancy things except that the food was delicious and I have been fed up (literally!). They have big servings here so groups can choose different orders and share with each other. Set meals are also available for those who are on very tight budgets.

c) Price
For three sumptuous meals, we spent an estimated total of 770 bucks. Not bad!

d) Service
Service is not that fast but not so slow as well. I would rate 3/5 for service.

Til the next food stop!


  1. A good friend and college classmate of mine told me that the correct translation of Domo Tomo is "good friend." Thanks Shie! :)

  2. Gyoza if im not mistaken.. the one you forgotten.


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