My Birthday and Christmas Wishlist

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Longer nights, soothing carols and relaxing morning breeze - can you guess what I'm thinking? Yes, Christmas it is! As one song goes, "It's beginning to feel like Christmas." This lengthy Filipino celebration began as soon as September approached (-ber months as we Filipinos call it) and the countdown to one hundred days before Christmas started.

Likewise, I have started the countdown to my 27th birthday. Oh yeah! I'm turning 27 few months from now and I am grateful! With these celebrations in mind, I have listed down my wishlist and I will be very happy to receive these stuff from generous people around. (*clearing throat*) Online stores such as Lazada makes shopping convenient and easy, that's a promise. 

Here it goes:

 1) Samsung Galaxy S4

With specs like a super-fast-quad-core processor and a 13MP auto-focus camera with LED, this phone is just superb. I won't be resentful for a gift like this. 

2) HTC One

Apart from having an Ultrapixel camera which capture good photos in dim light, this phone is also equipped with a flash player which is needed to run certain applications. A definite plus, plus for this phone.

3) External hard disk

Honestly speaking, this item was in my wishlist last year and hopefully I will be able to cross it out come Christmas time this year. As a photography-enthusiast and a struggling Master's student, I have so many files that consume the space of my laptop. An external hard disk will help save space and keep my files safe in case my laptop finally retires in the future. 

4) Microwave Oven

Believe it or not, I have this yearning to bake. Owning a microwave oven will help me jump-start another frustration.

5) Electric Mixer

This mixer will make my life convenient especially when whipping creams for my refrigerator cakes and mixing dough for the pastries I will be baking in the near future.

6) Portable Vacuum Cleaner

A portable vacuum cleaner will ease car cleaning tasks and will save me from spending too much on car vacuum services.

7) Crocs Flip-flop

What if an item is as comfortable, durable and stylish like this flip-flop? Would you dare resist? Definitely no!

Click on a picture for a convenient early Christmas shopping experience.

Have you created your wishlist already? Share it here.

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