Welcome 2013!!!

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In less than three hours, the Earth will be completing its 365th revolution around the sun. We will be bidding goodbye to 2012 and will be welcoming another year with high hopes that it will be better, more prosperous and happier than it was in 2012.

As I welcome this year, I pray for abundance of love and happiness. I also pray that the Lord will continue to grant me and my loved-ones with good health and longer life. And like my wish last year (if it is not too much to ask) aside from success in thesis writing for my masters, a love story written and perfected by God. 

So, without so much ado, I am greeting everyone a prosperous, purposeful and joyous 2013!!! May all our hopes and dreams come true this year. Have a blast and keep safe everyone!

At the Sky Lantern Festival at Nuvali (123012).
 Taken by EPL-1 in Candle Scene mode, post-processed in Instagram.


Tis' the Season to be Jolly!

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Merry Christmas everyone! May this season be merry and bright for all of us. Let's make this Christmas more meaningful by reflecting on the things that we could do not just to make ourselves happy but to make others happy as well.

Remember happiness is not counted by the material gifts we received but by the value of love we give and share and returned to us. Happy holidays everyone! Have a merry, merry Christmas!


Photo Diary: BLS and First-Aid Training 2012

Group picture, supposedly. Thanks to the one who called the shots, blurred picture plus missing people. Lolz! :p

The four of us.


Taken after our early (?) morning jog (?) :)

Certified runners on your left and mid right, FEELING runners on your extreme right (count up to 3 from the extreme right to know). :)

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