Million Volunteer Run 2: I Ran to Save Lives

Last February 10, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) launched the Million Volunteer Run (MVR) 2: Run to Save Lives. Through the run, the PRC is completing its extensive network of one million volunteers in order to deliver their services effectively and successfully. By becoming Red Cross' partner in this project, people can empower the nation’s most vulnerable against the debilitating effects of disasters (source: MVR- facebook).

Yey! I finished the run!
The fun run was held simultaneously in different cities in the country. Runners were given free baller and a raffle ticket and were required to wear red during the run which started at 6 am.

Let's volt in!

Before I proceed, in all honesty, I am not really a runner. Okay, I joined track and field competitions when I was in elementary but never revert to the sport again. I would rather play volleyball, softball and badminton than to run because I hyperventilate at times. But as part of my "Be healthy" mantra for this year (evident in one of my previous post) plus the thought that many Filipinos would benefit from this cause, I joined. I ran together with my high school to forever friend, DC and some colleagues accompanied with their friends and families.

With the Amarante's
With my two good friends: DC and Doc K. :)
It would be better to look at if we were wearing the MVR shirt, but because the small sizes ran out of stock, we resorted into wearing something red or any color for that matter.

Hooray to us! :)
My partner-in-crime during the run.
Baller and certificate
Thank God I finished the run ALIVE and I did not finished last (I was way ahead of many people - *ehem! chin-up!*). Small steps can really lead to great things, just persevere and move towards your goal. Who knows, this might be the start of my many fun runs and marathons ahead.

(Photos courtesy of my good friend, DC; edited in picmonkey).

Til the next MVR folks! 

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