Project 2013: March Edition at The Old Spaghetti House

Project 2013 is the term I formulated to call our berkz monthly get-together. Berkz or berks is an urban Filipino word derived from barkada which means group of friends. The goal of this so-called project is to be updated on each other by having a monthly get-together. The fact remains that we will not be complete most of the time,  but as long as we get to see our 'absentee' friends more than once in a year, it's goal met already. Ever since we graduated from college not so long ago and started building our own careers as young professionals, we made it a point to see each other on birthdays and Christmas (which by the way, is the most consistent gathering we have).

I was told by Mitch sometime last year that Marlon suggested that we should be scheduling a monthly get together. This was a good idea because we will get to see each other more often and keep track on what is happening with one another. Also because when we have our get-together for most of the time, a whole afternoon will never be enough for story-telling and catching-up. But because we were busy on the first two months of the year, the activity commenced just last March. Better late than never as they say.

We met at Paseo de Santa Rosa which is strategic for most of us and sufficed our gastronomic cravings with pizza, pasta and laughter at The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH).

A pasta lover will definitely like it here.

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