El Nido: The Journey Continues

The following day, we woke up early to stroll around Bacuit bay and wait for the sunrise. Unfortunately though, the sun does not rise (nor set) on that side of El Nido. Despite the epic failed sunrise catching, we waited for the dusk to break while feeling the sand and waves on our feet.

For this day we had Tour A, the most popular and most visited of all places in El Nido. This tour includes the Big Lagoon, the cover and setting of all El Nido advertisements and international movies. Our itinerary also included visit to the Small Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island and Seven Commandos Beach. We did some snorkeling, which gave us the chance to see the beauty of El Nido underwater. Warning: Another picture-heavy post.

a) Big Lagoon

Big Lagoon is El Nido's main attraction. Entering the lagoon is comparable to entering a paradise, the waters were so serene and relaxing. According to Kuya Dennis, the lagoon is like a soup bowl - the water gets deeper as you approach the middle. 

The gateway to paradise

Upon entering the lagoon, the katig almost caught up with the rocks so our boatmen had to go down and push.

Find the hand of Talim, one of our boatmen.

After the quite challenging entrance, we went around the lagoon. We were not allowed to go down and walk around the shallow part of the lagoon so that left us posing in the boat.

To pose with the Big Lagoon in the backdrop is an achievement in my bucketlist.

Friends and colleagues

Karst formation at Big Lagoon. Find Batman facing back.

b) Secret Lagoon

El Nido boasts of its mystique and enchanting beauty that is incomparable. From Big Lagoon, we headed to our second stop, Secret Lagoon

Secret Lagoon, similar to the Secret Beach, is totally surrounded by limestone formations and requires people to pass through a small tunnel to reach the lagoon.

Spectacular view of the beach near Secret Lagoon
The door to the Secret Lagoon

The top of the Secret Lagoon resembles a volcanic crater (caldera), Go Palawan mentioned that the place was once a cave that collapsed. 

Topmost part of the Secret Lagoon

The walls of the Secret Lagoon

When you're tired of swimming at the Secret Lagoon, you could go out, bum or go picnicking at the nearby white sand beach.

After the tour, we rode our boat and stopped by a certain area for snorkeling.

One of our French comrade

So many fishes in the ocean

c) Shimizu Island

Shimizu Island, named after a Japanese scuba diver who died near the island due to insufficient oxygen in his tank, boasts of its fine white sand and spurts of limestone rocks on the beach. It's also home to several marine creatures making it a suitable site for snorkeling and diving.

Picture taking at Shimizu Island

While waiting for our 'chefs' to finish prepping up our lunch some of us snorkeled, took pictures at the limestone spurts and bummed around the beach.

So delightful!

d) Small Lagoon

The Small Lagoon is home to an abundant marine life making it perfect place for snorkeling and diving. Both the Big and Small Lagoons are located near Miniloc Island.

The entrance to the Small Lagoon

The pack heading to the Small Lagoon

Unlike the Big Lagoon where big boats can roam around, guests can either walk or swim or ride a kayak to reach Small Lagoon. Again, be wary of the sharp edges of the stones to avoid getting bruises.

Welcome to the Small Lagoon!

The Small Lagoon experience was a challenging and an apprehensive one especially for someone like me who can't swim. At first, we had to walk then we needed to swim (float) towards the entrance and the lagoon per se. Good thing though, there was a rock in the middle of the lagoon where we settled and spent time appreciating the beauty of the place.

On top of the rock

We saw many divers around, affirming how deep the water is. We even checked the depth by viewing it with our snorkeling gears and it seems infinite (I heard from one TV show that it's 30 meters deep). Because of this and with one boatman accompanying us (our fellow guests opted to stay in the boat), we did not bother to go towards the farthest and probably the deepest point of the lagoon.

e) Seven Commandos Beach

Sea, sun and sand

Named after the seven Japanese commandos left after World War II, this is our last stop of the day and of our El Nido tour. It has a long stretch of fine sand lined with palm trees and very clear water. Seven Commandos Beach has cottages and stores apt for a perfect beach bumming activity.

Our group with Talim in the middle, one of the best and helpful boatman.

After fifteen minutes, we rode the boat back to town ahead of our fellow guests so we have ample time to prepare for our scheduled travel back to Puerto Princesa by five o' clock in the afternoon. 

I finally understood why many people were enthralled by the beauty of El Nido. Go and see for yourself!

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Cheers to the good times!

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  1. Great pictures and story of your time in beautiful El Nido! It brings back great memories for me so thanks for sharing. Now I want to return again!


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