Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick

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Let me start off this blog by reminding you that I am not an expert in make-ups nor a beauty guru. It just so happened that I realized that my face seems to darken during the latter part of the day (which can be attributed to my hyperacidity) so I needed a product that will help me maintain my normal skin tone.

The Maybelline BB stick
In this era where BB creams have risen to popularity, I have been curious about this product and decided to try one. I have read several blogs regarding the BB cream of Maybelline, but only a few about BB stick. As a Maybelline sucker, I gave this one a try. So here's my thoughts about the product.

As written in the label, the Clear Smooth BB Stick has 8-in-1 benefits namely:
  1. Controls shine
  2. Lasts all day
  3. Clears
  4. Refines
  5. Conceals
  6. Evens
  7. Smoothens
  8. Protects

What I like about the product?
  1. It is non-sticky. The BB stick has a powdery feel, so it's like applying loose powder.
  2. Few applications are enough to keep the face smooth.
  3. Long wearing.
  4. Has SPF to protect my face from the harmful effects of the UV rays.
  5. Because the product only needs few applications, the content can last for at least two months (fact: I bought my first BB stick last August 24, 2012 and had used it until last January 6). If you would ask if I would purchase again? I just did!
  6. It is non-comodogenic. (No pimple breakouts for me.)
  7. Affordable (priced at 249 Php) and can be easily purchased (drug stores, groceries and department stores).

Notice how well it blended.

The Downside:
  1. The medium coverage cannot fully conceal my eye circles.
  2. It still makes my face oily after few hours of application even if I applied it on my T-zones only.
  3. Only two swatches to choose from.
The lightest shade 01:Fresh

According to the saleslady from whom I purchased this product, if you have an oily or combination skin it is best to use BB stick; while for dry skin, the BB cream is recommended.

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