The Spiral Restaurant Experience at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

Last Monday, 7th of January, we held the HNS Christmas party (since Christmas is a lengthy season in the Philippines, we were still in time for this celebration) simultaneous with the birthday celebration of our big boss, Doc Alain. We celebrated our two-in-one party together with her beautiful and nice wife, Doc Sarah.

We left the office at 3:30 in the afternoon and arrived at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila at 4:30 pm. We waited at the Sunset Bar where we took pictures here and there and watched the magnificent Manila Bay Sunset.

Manila Bay in the background
Moi, pardon the narcissism

Glamour pose
Familia Zaragosa pose HNS version
The beautiful lights add romance and beauty to the place
Who wouldn't love cam poses?
The Spiral
With Doc Nikki in the staircase
The obligatory restroom shot
Notice how the sand and shells have turned into a masterpiece with the help of the lights.

Before taking a glimpse of the mouth-watering food, let me first introduce you to the Spiral Restaurant. The Spiral Restaurant is the flagship restaurant of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. It is where fine dining meets absolute satisfaction. The Spiral Restaurant boasts of its 21 dining ateliers and as stated in their website it is "highlighted by French gourmet delights."

I just love how it looks!

Asian delights
Fragrant Thai

As a first time diner in this restaurant, I was overwhelmed by what I saw that I found it hard to choose which to eat. Also, I really had no background about the restaurant so to be honest with I really do not know what to do. I just followed where my colleagues will go and get what they will also get. If not for Doc Sarah, we would really spend a lot of time roaming around briefing and orienting ourselves inside the restaurant.

It was a real delight because I was craving for this and was decided to eat healthy that night.
My vegetable salad with vinaigrette.
Pick your pasta of choice.
My spaghetti in tomato sauce.
So vibrant!
Vietnamese springrolls
Group picture just before getting our bellies full.

You are about to see the star of my night- DESSERTS!

Chocolate truffles
So many to choose from
Fondue everywhere
Our very own panghimagas
And fruits still!
My dessert plate

And of course the highlight of the night, the birthday celebration of Doc Alain. The staff greeted Doc Alain with a happy birthday song.

Happy birthday Doc Alain! We love you!

After which, we exchanged gifts. Here's what I got:

A bag from The Body Shop containing Body Polish (content not shown though). Thanks Tin!

The Sofitel experience was indeed a blast! I think I will be back, by then, I promise to be a better buffet consumer. 

Although there were food that I wished tasted much better than they were, I was very much satisfied with the desserts which completed my night. In terms of the ambiance and service, I would give a 10/10 rating. The place was so picturesque, cozy, and romantic and good for family gatherings, reunions or romantic dates. The staff were very accommodating and always ready to assist you with your concerns. For the price, I have learned that the buffet costs 2,000plus bucks per person, for those after the experience it sounds reasonable but I think there are other hotel or mall buffets offered at a lower price.

Thanks Doc Alain and Doc Sarah! I think I would be exploring more buffets this year!

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is located at CCP Complex Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City. For more information you can visit them here.

Til the next blog!

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