Million Volunteer Run 2: I Ran to Save Lives

Last February 10, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) launched the Million Volunteer Run (MVR) 2: Run to Save Lives. Through the run, the PRC is completing its extensive network of one million volunteers in order to deliver their services effectively and successfully. By becoming Red Cross' partner in this project, people can empower the nation’s most vulnerable against the debilitating effects of disasters (source: MVR- facebook).

Yey! I finished the run!

Come in Hungry, Walk out Happy at Army Navy, Nuvali

Name somebody who lives near Nuvali who has not heard the buzz regarding Army Navy since its arrival in Solenad 2. I think even kids know that Army Navy is one of the most popular places to satisfy your big cravings here in Santa Rosa City area. And when I say big, I really mean BIG.

Last February 05, after a very hot and tiring afternoon spent at the school for the celebration of the Oral Health Month we gave in to our cravings and ate at Army Navy.

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