The Gift of Education

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If there is one thing I could give the Philippines, that is the gift of education.

In terms of effort, the government has been doing its part. They have been continuously exploring ways to improve the quality of education, hence the implementation of the K-12 education system program. Financial resources have been utilized to build additional classrooms, hire teachers and buy school books and materials. A mobile education system was formulated to help more Filipinos gain access to education. Despite the efforts, there are still a lot of things that need to be done.

We have seen television documentaries of children taking the extra mile just to pursue education. Children walking for hours ignoring the scorching heat of the sun or the heavy downpour of the rain just to get to the lone school in their municipality located kilometers away from their homes. Some were forced to cross dangerous bridges or rivers or even embark on a wavy and terrifying boat ride just to get to school. Some would have to work extra so they can buy schools supplies or have pocket money to buy food. Some would have to settle for recycled school supplies, worn-out uniforms and even torn books; while some just won't have the luxury of having a single school supply. 

Not all schools have enough books for every pupil or student to use. Some do not even have a single computer in their schools for children to use. Some children would have to settle in classrooms made of native materials like sawali or pawid.

One summer, we had a program wherein we gathered accounts of out-of-school youths and the reasons why they are not going to school. Sadly, the parents would rather want them to work instead of sending them to school so they can help sustain their family’s daily needs. Digging deeper, the parents has no means and likewise, has not gain access to the free education that was offered. This circumstance is a repetition of a cycle that needs to be broken. How? Education was, is and will still be the answer.

Education is the gateway to success. It is the portal to many opportunities that will help improve one’s quality of living. An educated individual possesses the skills needed to adapt and thrive with the challenges laid by our modern society. An educated individual knows his rights and exercises them fully. He would know how he could protect himself from abuse and maltreatment.

Education increases one’s awareness and consciousness in maintaining a healthy living and utilizes accessible and free health care services. It also increases one’s sensitivity towards the needs of others.

With all the adversities that we went through, without a doubt we could affirm that we are really a nation of helpful people. Remember our very popular bayanihan virtue which continuously reminds us that there is no difficult task to a nation directed towards a common goal. Our social status is not the sole basis to our ability to help, because like #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014, we could find a million ways whether big or small to help and make a difference in the lives of our fellow Filipino.

 How about you? What is that one thing you could give to the Philippines?

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