El Nido: The Journey Continues

The following day, we woke up early to stroll around Bacuit bay and wait for the sunrise. Unfortunately though, the sun does not rise (nor set) on that side of El Nido. Despite the epic failed sunrise catching, we waited for the dusk to break while feeling the sand and waves on our feet.

For this day we had Tour A, the most popular and most visited of all places in El Nido. This tour includes the Big Lagoon, the cover and setting of all El Nido advertisements and international movies. Our itinerary also included visit to the Small Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island and Seven Commandos Beach. We did some snorkeling, which gave us the chance to see the beauty of El Nido underwater. Warning: Another picture-heavy post.

a) Big Lagoon

Big Lagoon is El Nido's main attraction. Entering the lagoon is comparable to entering a paradise, the waters were so serene and relaxing. According to Kuya Dennis, the lagoon is like a soup bowl - the water gets deeper as you approach the middle. 

The gateway to paradise

Upon entering the lagoon, the katig almost caught up with the rocks so our boatmen had to go down and push.

Find the hand of Talim, one of our boatmen.

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