People Change... Even Friends

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More often that not, I find it a pointless drama to get a bit disappointed with friends. I've lived up to the idea that if you love a person, you will try with all your might, to understand them and be reasonable about everything and anything you are going through. Not until the day I discovered that my "pointless drama" is not really pointless at all, I realized that "Hey! I am also entitled to a plight of emotions, and it is my right to get overly upset at times."

It was repeatedly heard and said that change is the only constant thing in this world. I have learned along the way that people change, but I was not oriented to deal with the fact that somewhere along the way, friends- my friends- will change, find new ones and eventually forget.

It was just disappointing when your so-called friends replace you with new ones (replace is the perfect term) while you, the pointless drama queen, is still keeping their place in your life despite meeting new people along. Then, at a snap you would realize that things were not really the same after all. 

And in these times I would wonder, are these changes for the good or bad? 

The reality: People and feelings change, and friends are not exempted from the rule. Not even them.

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The Nissin Yakisoba Story

Department of Education
City Schools Division
City of Santa Rosa
Division Office 4th floor

Venus (moi)
Kristine (nurse)

It was a typical Monday in the office, came lunchtime wherein every body's so idle in going down and buying their food. At 1 pm, my hungry stomach prevailed so I went down with Kristine and bought food at 7-eleven. I bought a jumbo hot dog sandwich and a nissin yakisoba cup noodle.
We went up, i read the cover only from numbers 1 to 2 then started pouring the flavoring and the oil on the noodle (which is a no-no) then I poured hot water and waited for 3 minutes before eating.

After 3 minutes, I began eating my yakisoba alongside with my customized hot dog sandwich. I wondered why it tasted bland but I just thought that probably its really bland. Then, Kristine my beautiful co-worker asked me if I was eating it with soup. Of course, I replied YES!
Then she said, "Di ba walang sabaw yan." Then I got the cover then she read it and lo and behold. Number 4 instruction says- Remove the water while Number 5 says- Then add the oil.Then we just started to laugh. Well, everybody commits mistakes.

1) Always read instructions before doing anything you aren't familiar with.
2) Ask if you don't know.
3) Learn from your mistakes so it won't happen again the next time around.
4) Laugh and move on, cest la vie. :)

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Generosity and Honesty

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I would like to say that this has been one of my favorites because the act in itself is not something that's too-good-to-be true. Here it goes:

What will the world look like if there's none at least one man possessing a generous heart? What will happen to me if there's not even a single person who will help me with my problems? These are few of those many questions which entered my mind yesterday as I was on my way home.

At the terminal, I encountered a man asking for help. He needs to purchase medications for someone with epilepsy, he even brought the prescription. Though I know that this could be one of those familiar modus-operandi that people use to fool others, I took the risk and gave something from my humble pocket. Why? Not because I want everybody to know that I am a nice person but because I felt his sincerity and honesty when he spoke his lines.

I also wondered if he was actually telling the truth how painful could it be that no one bothers to believe you- that no one even cared for you. Or if he wasn't then his conscience will take care of him. And what if someday I am placed in that same situation and asking and begging are my last resort- at least someone bothered to care.

I just really hope that people would become honest and sincere with everything they do, not playing around with others even if they could work and earn money on their own. Then it would be one wonderful place to live in.

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